The Guide On Learning Management System For Schools & Its Benefits

Education system is going through major change like banking has gone through 10 yrs back. Students/parents have got multiple options to choose. As a trustee/principal, we need to deploy the next generation EdTech platform to get the attention of teachers, students and parents.

Through digitalisation, you’ll have complete visibility of your institute, students, and teachers. Based on the real time data, you’ll be able to make an appropriate decision.

LearnQoch is an Learning management system built to overcome the challenges faced by today’s and future educational system. LearnQoach combines the features of ERP software, LMS software & Psychometric Assessment in a single integrated solution. Most educational institutions use separate software for their e-learning purposes & administration. BUt LearnQoch is an All-in-one integrated software for all the needs of an educational system.

With the introduction of LearnQoch, the institutions can now allow teachers/lecturers to deliver media-rich personalized courses, promote interactive learning environments beyond classroom boundaries, and provide better operational controls for staff & admin from a single platform in just a click.

Is there a need for an integrated EdTech software?

Absolutely. We need an integrated EdTech software to meet the demand of all the users like students, teachers, parents and admin. User behavior is getting changed & they want to do all the activities digitally. 

Through effective EdTech software, we empower all the users to perform their actions comfortably. Ultimately the core objective of any EdTech software is to save Time and Effort of all the users to have better learning and teaching outcomes.

Best in class EdTech software will provide 

  • Personalized learning plans
  • Personalized teaching plans
  • 360-degree view of all the operational activities of an institute
  • Empowerment of every parent so they can take an informed decision

We need structures, authentic and personalized information to make the best in-class institute. User behavior is getting changed hence we need to get aligned with their expectations. Through technology we can easily engage with all the students, teachers and parents to get the desired result.

Benefits of Online Learning Platform for Schools – LearnQoch

1. Benefits to Teachers

  • Setup and manage course content – Teachers can create media-rich courses and embed e-learning resources for the learners to access from their devices.
  • Stream recorded lectures – Teachers can upload the recorded lectures for future reference which can be downloaded by the students on their devices.
  • Improve student engagement and collaboration – The discussion feature available in the LearnQoch promotes collaboration between learners. Students can ask questions specific to each topic and can be answered by other students or teachers.

2. Benefits to Students

  • Recorded Lectures  – Students can watch recorded lectures for future reference & can download the content along with the recorded videos and watch it offline.
  • Ask doubts – Students can ask questions and get answers using the discussion feature available in LearnQoch.
  • Take notes – Students can save personal notes regarding each topic.
  • Track learning progress – The learners can keep track of their progress in the e-learning platform LearnQoch

3. Benefits to Parents

Raising a child is a 20 years project and every parent does their best to make the child successful.

New age parents want access to their child’s daily learning. 

  • Access to Child’s Learning – An effective EdTech software provides personalized information to individual parents, so they become part of their child’s overall growth. EdTech software brings clarity to make appropriate decisions at the right moment to create learning interest. 
  • Mobile learning – Parents can access the learning plans and learning contents to help the students learn from home and keep track of the academic activities and performance of the students.

4. Benefits to Administrators

  • One software to set up and manage e-learning and administration – Administrators have to set up and manage only one solution to manage the online learning and ERP requirements of the institution. Administrators and management have to manage only one software to provide the ERP and LMS software services.

As a school / college admin & teacher, you must be doing tons of work manually while managing admissions, fees, timetable, online/offline classes, HR & many more activities. 

As now you must understand, schools and colleges need genuine technology partners to save your precious time & efforts and help you make informed decisions related to school, student and teacher.

This is your chance to become the most preferred school/ college

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