Be A Most Preferred School/College in Your Area!

28% population of India is under 14 years of age. We have ~15lacs K-12 schools and ~40,000 higher education institutes. If 1/3rd population of any country is so young and dynamic, don’t you think we need to build the most advanced education system. Education is the most basic requirement for any human to have good well-being. Without a good education system, it’s impossible to make Atmanirbhar Bharat or any nation.

In the last 10 years, there is a significant increase in the number of schools/colleges (private + government) across the country. But do you know how to be the most preferred school/ college in your area?

Following are some of the important resources to make the most preferred school/college.
1. Good Infrastructure
2. Best Teachers
3. Best in class EdTech platform

We’ll go deeper to understand the above resources in detail

What is good infrastructure for any most preferred school/college?

As per different board (State, CBSE, ICSE, IB, NBA/NACC) guidelines, educational institutes are expected to build infrastructure to provide 360 degree academic and social skills to our students. So, they become relevant to the real world. Good school/college needs the following infrastructure
a. Open classrooms to have a positive environment for teaching and learning
b. Play areas for students to learn how to manage success or failure
c. Science and other subject experiment lab to apply theory in real-life scenarios
d. Computer lab to understand programming languages
e. Library to learn & explore new concepts
f. System to collaborate with industry to learn real-world industrial requirements

Most of the schools/colleges have built above infra but incidentally, we don’t have a mechanism to check the effectiveness. On average we have ~3000 students in any educational institute, how do we ensure that each of the students is using the above physical infrastructure and getting the best out of it? Therefore, I recommend to all the educational institutes to deploy a good system to monitor, measure and analyze each of the critical activities.

It’s a teacher who makes any subject interesting

I like Maths & Physics because my teacher Mr. T N Singh helped me to understand it. Only teachers can create learning interest among students. It takes time to command any subject. All of us have taken a couple of years to learn the alphabet, then formed the words, and finally made the sentences. Likewise, each subject goes through the same learning process. Our curriculum is designed to ensure each student can grasp the concept at a specific grade. And increase the complexity at the right age group. But the transfer of knowledge from teachers to students plays a very big role. Incidentally teaching is a fine art because each student is unique. It’s impossible to standardize the teaching process.

Consider you have 40 students in the class. Is it possible for a teacher to ensure whatever she has taught today is understood by all the students? In the last 3years, I must have asked this question to more than 1000 teachers, principals & senior educators. And all of them gave me consistent answers “It’s not possible to check how many students have understood the delivered concept?” Currently, teachers ask random questions to some of the active students in the class who are good in their studies. But it doesn’t convey the class performance. Every teacher wants the success of all their student. But she doesn’t have a mechanism to ensure desired success rate.

Shall we go ahead and blame teachers for the poor delivery of the concepts? The answer is NO. Teaching & learning are two-way processes. For instance, you have got the best teacher for science, will all the students start liking science? No, students’ interest in science also plays a big role. Let’s put a mechanism that ensures teachers & students can monitor, measure, and analyze their teaching and learning.

I suggest implementing following system to have the best teachers in the school

• Hire teachers who are passionate about teaching. Technical skills can be developed over a period. But teaching hunger comes from the inside.
• Prepare detailed yearly teachers’ training plan so they can implement school/college vision and mission.
• Pay them well so they are focused
• Have periodic knowledge sharing sessions between senior and junior teachers
• Build system to reward and recognize genuine teachers with reference to data

Implement best in class EdTech platform

In God we trust. All others must bring data. W. Edwards Deming

The above statement is the most important aspect while designing any system. Without data, most of the time our decisions are irrational and intangible which creates a loss of productivity and money. We at LearnQoch have kept the above statement at the center while designing the ERP/LMS modules for students, teachers, parents, and trustees. Any system which doesn’t have a mechanism to monitor, measure and analyze the processes, won’t be able to deliver the desired outcome.

With the availability of smartphones and the internet, we can implement best in class EdTech platform to be the most preferred school/college. Just having best-in-class infrastructure & teachers is not enough. We need to adopt technology to ensure we can monitor, measure, and analyze each of the critical activities to get the desired result.

Also, I recommend all the educational institutes implement an integrated EdTech platform to create a wow experience for students, teachers, parents, and trustees. Let’s avoid having multiple mobile APPs & web logins to access timetable, content, assessment, insights, finance, inquiry, admission, documentation, etc. There are platforms like LearnQoch that can deliver an integrated EdTech platform. The success of any system always gets measured by how it got adopted by the end-users. Is all our users like students, teachers, parents, and trustees are using deployed EdTech on daily basis, and its creating value in their life?

In conclusion, to be a most preferred school/college, we need to provide good infrastructure, best-in-class teachers, and an EdTech platform. Let’s adopt technology to build trust with parents for whom their kids are the most precious asset.

Start your digital journey to be the most preferred school/college for teachers, students & parents…

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