Increase Student Admissions
With The Best ERP-LMS

Experience better teaching-learning, improved parent reporting, and time-saving on administrative tasks with LearnQoch. 


LearnQoch Gives Extra Time To Students To Explore The World


LearnQoch Is A Bridge To Achieve Greater Success

Connecting Every Student To Every Teacher

LearnQoch enables easy interaction of students and teachers for effective learning and teaching thus helping them to discover their best.

Benefits Of Using LearnQoch Software

Thinkout of the Box

Making Learning Interesting

Creating curiosity and clarity in students about every subject to give them an interesting learning experience.


Improving Institutional Performance

Actively managing all institutional operations under LearnQoch’s integrated EdTech platform, thus increasing overall productivity.

Binary Code

Superior Coding Mentorship

Offering coding mentorship of in-demand curriculum and industry-based teaching under the best LMS software.


Saving Time of

LearnQoch improves the teaching process which gives teachers additional time to plan student’s growth.


Parental Access To
Child’s Growth

Parents can easily monitor their student’s progress and actively engage in the child’s learning by staying updated with class schedules and test assessments.



Help your students to discover their best career options aligned with their strengths with the help of LearnQoch’s Psychometric Assessment.

What Do You Get In The 4-in-1 Package of LearnQoch K12?

Learning Management
System (LMS)

Experience quality education through digital learning for your students with the equal contribution of teachers and parents in the student’s progress.

Learning Management System
 Enterprise Resource Planning

School Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

Boost your institutional growth with LearnQoch’s ERP by saving your time, efforts, and cost to carry out school management activities.


Give your students coding mentorship of the in-demand coding languages and get exposure to live industry coding projects at LearnQoch.

Psychometric Assessment

Psychometric Assessment

LearnQoch’s Psychometric Assessment helps students to figure out their actual interests based on their strengths and thus land them in the right career options.

Look What Our Mentors Have To Say

Avinash Gavali

Avinash Gavali

The mentorship for coding at LearnQoch offers personalized learning based on every student’s pace of understanding. This helps students’ clear concepts on the go.

Ashish Mishra

The content of LearnQoch is being designed keeping students’ interest for all age groups by academic and industry experts to make strong coding foundation. Students are virtually connected 24x7 with class teachers through LearnQoch EdTech software.

Deepali Tiwari

LearnQoch is a simplified software which is helping me to manage assessments, timetable, attendance, and student performance with ease. It enhances overall teaching & learning outcomes through analytics.

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