LearnQoch is a Bridge to Achieve Greater Success, Connecting Every Student to Every Teacher

Our ERP and LMS Software enables easy interaction of students & teachers for effective learning and teaching thus helping them to discover their best

LearnQoch software is for educational institutions to meet the ever changing need of technology in education.
  • Improve the performance of your institute by making learning and teaching interesting.
  • Increase productivity of your institute by getting all the tasks automated in one software.
See how can LearnQoch help you become the most productive Educational Institute in 21st century

Your EdTech Partner

Manish Tiwari

Founder & CEO – LearnQoch
Having 20+ years experience in Manufacturing, Management Consulting, IT, Telecom and EdTech

Avinash Gavali

Director & CTO – LearnQoch

Having 17+ years experience in Web, Mobile and Cloud Technologies.

Critical Questions That Are Unanswered In Ages


Do you get the complete visibility of all the activities of classes, students, teachers & infrastructure to help you take the action proactively?


When you are delivering the concept, how do you ensure that all the students have understood it properly?


Do you get the access to your child’s growth & are you always aware of your child’s pain topics in various subjects?

Why LearnQoch Is Considered As

One Of The Best EdTech Platform

We have invested years in building an integrated LearnQoch Software to enhance the productivity of your educational institute

Improve Institutional Performance

Actively managing all institutional operations under LearnQoch software, thus increasing overall productivity.

Parental Access To Child’s Growth

Parents can easily monitor their child’s progress and actively engage in their learning by staying updated with the schedule and test assessments.

Personalize the Learning Experience

LearnQoch’s EdTech platform has the best LMS integrated into the system to understand the learning capacity & learning gap of the student. The software suggests a learning plan to each student accordingly.

Student Learning Insights

Get detailed current & historical insights of students, learn about their progress and performance in each subject. Identifying the strengths and gaps, LearnQoch platform recommends the personalized learning plan.

LearnQoch – Fully integrated EdTech Platform

As an educational institute , you will be able to access best in class ERP, LMS, Coding and Psychometric Assessment on a single platform with LearnQoch EdTech platform


Boost your institutional growth and improve productivity with LearnQoch. Save your time, efforts, and cost to carry out educational institutional activities in one platform.
  • Student enquiry and admission
  • Student, teacher, Other staff management
  • Fee management and accounting
  • Attendance Management
  • Leave management
  • Transportation management
  • Library management
  • Timetable/Schedule Management
  • Saving time of teachers
  • Communication with Stakeholders
  • Customized reporting to the senior management
  • Fully integrated User-friendly Dashboard


LearnQoch software aims to enhance the training, learning and teaching techniques. It enriches the learning experience & revolutionizes the education industry. It’s time to optimize the work process, enhance the curriculum and develop Learning and Teaching interest with the robust software – LearnQoch.
  • Hybrid Classes (Online & Offline)
  • Digital Timetable / attendance / class updates
  • Supplementary Content (Reading & video content)
  • Topic wise concept assessments
  • Personalized Learning Plan
  • Increase Parent involvement
  • Personalized analytics of teachers and students


It’s time for you to open the door to limitless opportunities for your child with Coding. Find best online coding classes designed for ages 6-18 and make your child future-ready.
  • Become technology geniuses
  • Foster creativity
  • Enhance math skills
  • Flourish academic performance
  • Strengthen problem solving skills
  • Get future-ready

Psychometric Assessment

LearnQoch’s Psychometric Assessment helps students to figure out their actual interests based on their strengths and thus land them in the right career options.
  • Understand the strength and pain points
  • Improve the overall ranking of student
  • Understand student’s ability
  • Emotional Quotient
  • Positive view on planning their next step
  • Discover potential career options

Launch your own Personalized Ed-Tech platform for your institute

LearnQoch is a bridge to achieve greater success for students/ teachers/ trustees

Our Vision

Technology has an ability to transform the lives of every student, teacher, parent and admin to get the desired results. And that is why LearnQoch is building an all in one EdTech software to digitize the educational ecosystem globally. Support learning through technology and discover the best ways that technology can improve learning, teaching and leading in the 21st century.

We are not replacing teachers. Teacher plays a very important role in a child’s growth. And we believe that this is a role that cannot be replaced by technology. We just aim to develop teaching and learning interest to make their lives and job easier.
– Manish Tiwari (Founder & CEO, LearnQoch)

Efficient & Effective EdTech Software

Suitable for all types of institutions such as K-12 Schools, Colleges, Universities, Higher-ed and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Higher Education


Yes, and we can integrate it with your central system.


You’ll have access of high-end analytics which got developed while working with psychologists, corporate executives, and educationists.

We help students to understand their strength and gaps so they can make informed career decision

Student can appear for the assessment online or offline as per their convenience under teacher or parent observation.

14 to 24 years









3-4 weeks