How to manage content in LMS for schools?

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Let’s get into the topic where we speak about how best-in-class LMS for Schools – LearnQoch helps in managing content.

With advanced technology, and the constantly evolving needs of modern learners, the traditional classroom-based approach is getting degraded and becoming less efficient.

Using a Learning management system in education offers an efficient alternative to educational institutes and allows teachers to deliver customized content.

LearnQoch LMS has a lot of advantages but one of the most dominating advantages is that it allows teachers to manage the content effectively.

Before getting into the detailed discussion about managing the content in LMS, first, let’s understand what LMS is.

What is LMS?

Learning Management System is an online software developed to manage efficient learning by creating, delivering the content of various subjects and tracking, and reporting the understanding of the students about the particular subject with the help of various tools.

LMS unifies or gathers all your teaching and learning tools in one place & serves as a virtual classroom where teachers can interact with their students and conduct learning activities online & offline. 

LMS is used by the following:

  • Administrators & Teachers – This group oversees course and content management in LMS by creating courses, plans and structures. Later they provides Subject-based assignments to track students’ learning outcomes and progression.
  • Students – Students are the receiving end of LMS. They can access their course material at any time, complete assigned coursework, receive evaluations and feedback, and examine their progress. 
  • Parents – Parents will get full access to their child’s assignment, report & performance. They can understand where their child is lacking and which subject needs improvement.

Why is content management required in LMS?

Content management is a very crucial part of LMS. LMS is a platform that delivers online learning material to students and managing content efficiently allows the teachers to upload and share the class materials so that the student has the access to the lessons including the objectives, activities and resources anytime and anywhere they want with just one click on button.

Understand Managing content like a library. It is organized & categorized. If you are looking for something, you know where exactly you need to go.

If you go to a library, you can get lots of content but it is not really meaningful until you have a teacher who is guiding you through that. 

So we would like you to mark a point here that No matter how digital the education system is getting, teachers can never be replaced.

  • Course management creation or importing – Teachers can not only upload pre-recorded videos but create the best of the courses & upload the content in any format (Jpg, pdf, MP4 etc) or import or attach course material from other sources like websites, youtube etc.
  • Multi-Channelel Access – Learners can access their account & their course material through a desktop, tablet or smartphone device whenever they want.
  • Course calendars – LMS have features that support the creation & publication of course schedules, deadlines and tests. 
  • Student Engagement – LMS allows notifications, messaging & discussion forums to promote knowledge sharing and engagement. Also, it notifies the students and teachers about the deadline & important tasks.
  • Tracking and reporting – LMS is able to generate detailed reports about students’ performance & progress in each subject which include Test scores, assignment scores, single-user reports and so forth. 
  • LMS Tools – It provides multiple tools that help you create and organize the content and access it with a click of a button
  • Teaching Plan – Teachers can give students pop questions to understand how much they have understood and tweak the teaching plan accordingly.
  • Content Edition – Teachers can create and edit their own content as well as use content curated from various online sources (eg. Youtube, Khan Academy).
  • Save Time – Students do not need to waste time searching for the content as it is so well organized that they can access any course material they want.

Having an integrated Learning Management System like LearnQoch is an integral part of your educational institute. No matter if you are running an online or offline educational institute, LearnQoch is a practical approach.

In offline mode, teachers are connected to the students just for a few hours. But with LearnQoch LMS for schools platform, students are connected 24 X 7. You have a place where you can access all the course materials without compromising on data and analytics. 

With some LMS for schools still prioritizing traditional methods of content delivery and many struggling to keep up to date with the data-driven expectations, LearnQoch’s LMS is a convincing alternative.

What fits your digital learning strategy best?

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