How to select the best LMS for schools?

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Let’s get into the topic where we speak about How To Select The Best LMS for School

What is LMS for Schools?

Learning management system is a software or an application that is used for delivering education courses or training programs, tracking reporting, used in many industries. 

Learning Management Systems for schools are not the same. Some might just be a good fit for online education and some are good for only offline education. But we need an LMS for school that is a best fit for blended learning (i.e. Online & Offline) needs. 

Before you begin evaluating and selecting the LMS for school you need to understand some of the criterias.

Why do you need LMS for School?

When school invest in LMS:

  • They elevate the classroom experience
  • Better learning and teaching outcomes
  • Improves productivity
  • Improves teaching efficiency
  • Makes customized learning possible
  • Measure students time on each subjects
  • Provides real time information related to students, teachers, operational performance.
  • And a lot more.

How to select the best LMS for schools

  1. The LMS for school must be user-friendly 

Apart from all the features and capabilities of a Learning Management System, it is very important for it to be extremely user-friendly.  Perhaps, if you are searching for LMS for younger students then LMS needs to be very simple to understand and has a simple language and non complex interface.

  1. Increase your productivity 

Currently, everything is happening manually. Students are carrying heavy bags to school. Teachers are unable to maintain notes. Teachers need to spend a lot of time creating homeworks. It surely requires huge efforts. The whole ecosystem is manual and hence the outcome is not consistent. That’s why we need an LMS that increases productivity and reduces the time and effort that is being put in by the teachers.

  1. Personalized Learning 

There is no such thing as one size fits all approach to education. All students and teachers are different. They have their own pace of learning and teaching. The LMS should be able to customize the course to the student’s needs. Content should be in different forms and adaptable.

As a result, teachers will be able to deal with different students effectively. Students who have understood the concept can be given advanced level of questions. On the other hand, the students who are finding it difficult to understand the concept, can consume different forms of content and are given beginner questions. 

  1. Parental Involvement 

Parental participation for school going kids is critical. Manually, the notes or letters were sent to the parents for communication. But the LMS should have the feature to keep the parents up to date with –

  • Content, 
  • Homework, 
  • Student performance,
  • Attendance
  • Assignment scores, etc.

Because online messaging is quick and simple, problems, updates and enquiries can be shared quickly.

  1. Track student’s performance

A perfect LMS for school can help you to track your students’ growth & progress. By checking the students’ report, the LMS can create a customized learning plan based on their performance. 

  1. Curating learning modules

The learning materials can also be linked with the individual students’ learning modules allowing a teacher to tailor the content for specific students based on their performance.

  1. Accessibility

The LMS should be accessible in any device with an active internet connection – tablet, smartphone, computer etc. It should allow teachers to conduct virtual classes and connect with all the students. 

  1. Improves learning experience

This should be the ultimate goal of any education institute which should be fulfilled by an LMS. The LMS for school should make learning a more holistic experience for students and should build up the interest for them to excel in the subjects.

Why LearnQoch, LMS For Schools, is considered as best-in-class?

Deploying LMS for school is the most important decision of a school. If you are able to deploy the best in class LMS for schools, it will be your best & most productive investment.

Ultimately, It will help you to rank your school, improve productivity & grab the attention of students and parents. A learning management system ensures that students gain a better comprehension and are more confident on their educational path.

LearnQoch encourages users to self-manage and solve problems both in and out of the classroom and promotes blended learning. 

LearnQoch prepares you for academic and personal success. We assist students with developing good study habits, learning more effectively, and gaining confidence.

 If you want to get your students to enjoy learning, book a demo of our LMS. Call us at +91 84519 01079 or email at

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