Smart Learning Management System for Schools

Better learning and teaching outcomes & choose academic excellence through digital solution – LMS for Schools

Are You Facing the Following Issues?

As a Teacher

When you are delivering the concept, how do you ensure that all the students have understood it properly?

As a Student

Would you want a system which can make your learning content, homeworks and assignments interesting for you?

As a Parent

Do you get access to your child’s growth, and are you always aware of your child’s pain topics in various subjects?

Benefits of Learning Management System For Schools

We have invested years in building an integrated LMS for Schools to enhance the productivity of your educational institute

Thinkout of the Box

Making Learning Interesting

Creating curiosity and clarity in students about every subject to give them an interesting learning experience.


Saving Time of

LearnQoch improves the teaching process which gives teachers additional time to plan student’s growth.


Improving Institutional Performance

Actively managing all institutional operations under LearnQoch’s integrated EdTech platform, thus increasing overall productivity.


Parental Access To
Child’s Growth

Parents can easily monitor their student’s progress and actively engage in the child’s learning by staying updated with class schedules and test assessments.

Binary Code

Single Point Solution

LearnQoch – LMS for Schools, has everything you need – virtual classroom, digital content library, materials for test preparation, assessments, quizzes etc.


Learning Progression

Data from student assessment and attendance is stored in LMS for Schools and used to provide progression with learning.

Get 4 in 1 Package From LearnQoch

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Boost your institutional growth with LearnQoch’s ERP by saving your time, efforts & costs to carry out school management activities.


Experience quality education through digital learning for your students with the equal contribution of teachers and parents in the student’s progress.


Give your students coding mentorship of the indemand coding languages and get exposure to live industry coding projects at LearnQoch.

Psychometric Assessment

LearnQoch’s Psychometric Assessment helps students to figure out their actual interests based on their strengths and thus helps them choose the right career options.

Our Vision

Technology has an ability to transform the lives of every student, teacher, parent and admin to get the desired results. And that is why LearnQoch is building An All-in-one Ed-tech software to digitize the educational ecosystem globally. Support learning through technology and discover the best ways that technology can improve learning, teaching and leading in the 21st century.

We are not replacing teachers. Teacher plays a very important role in a child’s growth. And we believe that this is a role that cannot be replaced by technology. We just aim to develop teaching and learning interest make their lives and job easier

– Manish Tiwari (Founder & CEO, LearnQoch)

Efficient & Effective EdTech Software

Suitable for all types of institutions such as K-12, Colleges, Universities, Higher-ed and more.