Educators need genuine technology partner!

When you think of Technology in schools & colleges, what comes to mind?

  • It’s too cumbersome to implement school mobile app.
  • There is always some issue with deployed technology.
  • Not able to create customized reports.
  • No real time proactive support.
  • Technology can’t fulfil expectations of all the users. (Trustees, Teachers, Students and Parents)
  • It requires too much time and effort.

Don’t worry, this is not what a genuine technology partner will deliver.

How to select a genuine technology partner?

The current pandemic has challenged the global education system which has affected millions of students & teachers across the globe. If we refer to other industries like banking, e-commerce, and cloud service providers, they are providing uninterrupted services. Because they adopted technology in advance which has helped their consumers like us.

Managing 3000+ students, 200+ teachers and other staff in a school is not an easy affair. Also, it’s difficult to standardize teaching & learning because every student and teacher is unique. Hence it’s paramount to onboard a technology partner who genuinely understands & implements the desired solution.

Follow the below steps while onboarding any EdTech partner for your schools/colleges

1. Understand how your technology partner will deliver following scenarios?

  • automate all your school/college processes
  • effectively run online/offline classes
  • create learning interest among students
  • empower teachers & parents

2. Are they providing following benefits?

  • An integrated EdTech platform to avoid multiple user logins and infra
  • Customized reports
  • Real time updates
  • Real time technical support
  • Flexibility to incorporate specific school / college changes in live platform
  • Ability to address the requirement of all the stakeholders like Trustee, Principal, Teacher, Student & Parent.

3. What is the professional background of technology partner?

  • Do they have existential experience of global ICT (Information Communication Technology)?
  • Do they have expertise in Layered Structure of Operating System?
  • What is the delivery method? Online or Offline?
  • What is the after sales support?

You need a committed and passionate technology partner to implement best-in-class EdTech software for your school/college to create a WoW experience for end-users.

Instead of implementing boring & reactive ERP/LMS, implement interactive EdTech software to transform the experience of all the users in real-life scenarios.

You don’t need to use multiple systems to get your job done.

Understand how to MONITOR, MEASURE & ANALYZE 

  1. School / college productivity
  2. Performance of every student & teacher
  3. Your institute ranking

Implement an integrated EdTech solution. so all the students, teachers, and parents can be inspired to achieve their desired goals.

Start your true digital journey with EdTech. Trust me, the journey of thousand miles begins with a single step.

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