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Easily manage all your administrative tasks like attendance, timetables, assessment, and management reports based on NBA and NAAC guidelines under LearnQoch’s all-in-one software. 

Higher Studies

90% of the students excelled when they adopted Digital Learning

Traditional Learning and LearnQoch Learning


Why LearnQoch Is The Go-to Solution For Higher Education?



LearnQoch makes students capable to get job opportunities in numerous multinational companies.



LearnQoch connects students to various top-class organizations and get internships, thus giving them valuable work experience.


Live Projects

Our industry-based training gives exposure to students to work on live projects that helps them build a strong and future-proof resume.


Psychometric Assessment

LearnQoch Psychometric Assessment supports students to crack their interviews and get golden job opportunities.


Time and Efforts

LearnQoch digitizes the entire learning and teaching process which saves time and effort of students and teachers.



Simplify your education and administrative system according to AICTE guidelines.

What’s Inside LearnQoch’s Software For Higher Education?

Learning Management
System (LMS)

Implement digital learning and teaching for better student results and effortlessly carry out classroom activities under one roof with LearnQoch’s integrated LMS software.

Learning Management System

College Enterprise Resource
Planning (ERP)

Save huge amounts of time, effort, and money by digitizing college management operations with LearnQoch’s College ERP aligned with NBA and NAAC guidelines. 


Students get to learn a ‘Ready For World’ coding curriculum and hands-on experience on industry live projects to build their digital resumes. 


Look What Our Mentors Have To Say

Avinash Gavali

Avinash Gavali

The mentorship for coding at LearnQoch offers personalized learning based on every student’s pace of understanding. This helps students’ clear concepts on the go.

ashish mishra

Ashish Mishra

The content of LearnQoch is being designed keeping students’ interest for all age groups by academic and industry experts to make strong coding foundation. Students are virtually connected 24x7 with class teachers through LearnQoch EdTech software.

deepali tiwari

Deepali Tiwari

LearnQoch is a simplified software which is helping me to manage assessments, timetable, attendance, and student performance with ease. It enhances overall teaching & learning outcomes through analytics.

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