Digitize your Educational Institutes

Easily manage all your administrative tasks like attendance, timetables, assessment, and management reports based on NBA and NAAC guidelines under LearnQoch’s all-in-one software.

Are You Facing the Following Issues?

As a Trustee / Principal

Do you get complete visibility of all the activities of classes, students, teachers & infrastructure to help you take actions proactively?

As a Teacher

Are you able to create a self-assessment report/ self-study report via the click of a button?

As a Student

Are you getting a personalised learning class from a career perspective?

Why LearnQoch is the Go-To Solution for Educational Institutes?

We have invested years in building an integrated LearnQoch Software to enhance the productivity of your educational institute

Improve Institutional Performance
Actively managing all institutional operations under LearnQoch software, as per NBA and NACC guidelines thus increasing overall productivity.

Teacher Access To Students Growth
Teacher can easily monitor their students progress and actively engage in their learning by staying updated with the schedule and test assessments.

Personalize the Learning Experience
LearnQoch’s EdTech platform has the best LMS integrated into the system to understand the learning capacity & learning gap of the student. The software suggests a learning plan to each student accordingly.

Student Learning Insights
Get detailed current & historical insights of students, learn about their progress and performance in each subject. Identifying the strengths and gaps, LearnQoch platform recommends the personalized learning plan.

LearnQoch–Fully Integrated EdTech Platform

As an educational institute, you will be able to access best-in-class ERP, LMS, Coding and Psychometric Assessment on a single platform with the LearnQoch EdTech platform


Save huge amounts of time, effort, and money by digitizing college management operations with LearnQoch’s College ERP aligned with NBA and NAAC guidelines.


Implement digital learning and teaching for better student results and effortlessly carry out classroom activities under one roof with LearnQoch’s integrated LMS software.


Students get to learn a ‘Ready For World’ coding curriculum and hands-on experience on industry live projects to build their digital resumes.

Psychometric Assessment

LearnQoch’s Psychometric Assessment helps students to figure out their actual interests based on their strengths and thus helps them choose the right career options.

Launch your own Personalised NBA and NAAC EdTech platform for your Institute

LearnQoch is a bridge to achieving greater success for students / teachers / trustees

Benefits of Using LearnQoch


  • Increase student admissions
  • Digitally manage, monitor and control all critical processes
  • Online payment collection
  • Digitisation of all the manual processes of institute/ college
  • Reduce teacher attrition
  • Improve institute/ college ranking


  • One platform to manage everything related to students education
  • An opportunity to be a part of students overall progress
  • Data-based effective communication with teachers
  • Real-time class updates
  • Insights with personalised reports to take proactive action
  • Save time and efforts


  • Digitally manage class attendance and timetable
  • Effective communication with students, parents and institute/ college admin
  • Easily create and grade class assessments
  • Manage reading/video for each subject chapter topic
  • Personalised analytics to understand class progress
  • Save time and efforts


  • Personalised learning plan as per individual student understanding of subjectchapter-topic
  • Detailed insights to track daily progress
  • Homework becomes easy
  • Get desired attention from teachers & parents
  • 24×7 access to viral subject teacher to understand the concepts
  • Save time to use it for other extra-curricular activities

Look What Our Mentors Have To Say

Avinash Gavali

Director & CTO – LearnQoch

Having 17+ years experience in Web, Mobile and Cloud Technologies.

Efficient & Effective EdTech Software

Suitable for all types of institutions such as Higher Education, Colleges, Universities, K-12 Schools and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Higher Education


Yes, and we can integrate it with your central system.


You’ll have access of high-end analytics which got developed while working with psychologists, corporate executives, and educationists.

We help students to understand their strength and gaps so they can make informed career decision

Student can appear for the assessment online or offline as per their convenience under teacher or parent observation.

14 to 24 years









3-4 weeks